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Have you Heard of Press & Peel Applique'?

No.... well, allow me to tell you how it can raise the interest and quality of your quilts, home projects, and yes even clothes!

I don't applique you say......

"My skills aren't good enough. It'll be a hot mess when I'm done." You will change your mind when you see this technique (video below) and use this product. I had a hard time with hand applique because no matter how much attention to detail I paid or the time I took, it never looked like it was supposed to. Then I tried regular fusible applique, which was OK but it was not detailed enough for me. I like choices and detail. If the machine applique stitching is the problem, I have a helpful video for that too. So, go ahead and watch and practice this skill. The rewards will be well worth your time and effort!

So Here's the Thing

I patented this product because it works. Customers tell me all the time how much easier it is. I stand by my product and have been designing patterns for 12 years. There are many projects to choose from: king-sized quilts to table toppers, wall quilts to purses. In addition, I've created designer packs so you can add flawless applique to your own projects! Give it a try and by all means, let me know how you like it.

Have a design suggestion? I'd love to know what you have in mind.